The City that never sleeps, never stops dreaming. It is not enough to rebuild our city. We must reimagine it.

Leadership that failed to prepare for COVID and a lack of leadership after has robbed so many New Yorkers of basic dignity, even as we know that too many didn’t have it, even before COVID.  

Our challenge is to address our revenue crisis in a way that both ensures that our trash is collected and other basic services we need to recover are financed, while simultaneously transforming what needs to be transformed.  It’s not enough to just return to the New York that predated COVID, though we must rebuild. It’s that we must reimagine our city and use this crisis to face structural inequality, actual racism and finally fix what has been broken for far too long for Black, Brown, LGBTQ, Indigenous, Immigrant, and other communities and women of all races.  

Maya Wiley NYC

We must protect what we love about New York while we chart new paths. Everyone is here — all races, all religions, all classes, all types of people from the first peoples to recent immigrants. From builders to babysitters, technologists to teachers, entertainers to entrepreneurs: we are a city that is home to higher education and a growing healthcare industry, the innovation economy, and the creative economy. And we are the world’s banking and trading center. It is a source of great pride that we have it all. 


This incredible diversity of experience and expertise has enabled our recovery from the crises of the past. From the 1970s fiscal crisis, to the aftermath of September 11th and Hurricane Sandy and we saw New Yorkers come together even during the worst (so far) of the COVID crisis this past spring — when the going gets tough, New Yorkers come together and get tougher.

This requires bold leadership that not only listens, it launches us into a city that grows fairly and for everyone. The budget must be a principled document that smartly puts us on the path to recovery and reimagining equity. 

Even with all of these challenges, now is not the time to give up, but to get up, work together and build with what we have – our people – the people that make our City great.

The challenge we now face is historic.  

We will rise, if we rise together. The tinkering treadmill of incrementalism must give way to the transformational. We must make history–not deals- with bold leadership capable of making the tough decisions, informed by the principles, by people and by possibility. 

I am running for Mayor because I am that leader –  strong, collaborative, humble and caring with a vision and the passion to pull us together and make it happen.