Queens Daily Eagle: Maya Wiley backed by NYC’s youngest lawmaker after visit to Southeast Queens

New York City’s youngest lawmaker is backing attorney Maya Wiley in the race for mayor.

Southeast Queens Assemblymember Khaleel Anderson endorsed Wiley Tuesday, after she met with residents of Springfield Gardens, Far Rockaway and other parts of Anderson’s district. Anderson, the youngest Black legislator in state history, said Wiley understands the “minutiae” of city governance and has outlined a compelling jobs plan.

“She’s uniquely qualified,” Anderson said. “And I honestly think it’s time for a woman of color to lead this city forward. She brings that fresh perspective and she appeals to multiple constituencies.”

Wiley served as legal counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio during his first term in office and has more recently worked as an MSNBC commentator and college professor.

She says her $10 billion capital spending plan, a “New Deal for New York,” would upgrade city infrastructure and create 100,000 new jobs, but would require major borrowing.

The endorsement could help generate support for Wiley in Southeast Queens and the Far Rockaway area, predominantly Black neighborhoods that Anderson, running a progressive campaign, carried last year.

“Assemblymember Anderson is an inspirational leader and I am so honored to have his endorsement,” Wiley said. “We are at a critical time for Queens and in New York City and this moment calls for something different.”