Jobs & Economy

Our revenue crisis reflects, in part, a jobs crisis. Which, in turn, has created a housing crisis and extraordinary challenges for our small businesses. This moment requires coming together to make tough decisions. But bold governance means finding ways to create more revenue, figuring out where to focus our existing resources, and determining ways to tighten the belt. But we cannot sacrifice the basic city services that make New York City a great place to live and work; we must protect the quality of life that allows us to attract economic development and supports our small businesses.

Two people in hardhats discussing construction plans.

We must always remember that, for all of our challenges, we are a city of extraordinary assets. We have the world’s most diverse and talented people, a tremendous real estate portfolio, and tens of billions in annual governmental spending to help power our economy. New York has so much to offer. We need to engage the full range of stakeholders, including our business community, to determine how they can contribute to our recovery.

And we have to get serious about making investments in building new infrastructure that creates jobs, makes the city more resilient and contributes to climate justice. Indeed, this moment requires bold investment, not austerity. Major capital projects in areas like transit will quickly create good jobs to put New Yorkers back to work while transforming the city for a new era. To safeguard our climate, we must create the infrastructure to reduce emissions—charting the path towards a sustainable future and, with it, thousands of good, green jobs. And we must encourage community ownership in renewable energy creation—generating wealth for low-income communities and communities of color.

We must also establish better career pathways for our young people, including partnerships with our higher education institutions and industry, to create workforce development programs that deliver fulfilling jobs while encouraging economic growth.

And to ensure New York is a city where we can all live with dignity, we must support every employee’s right to form a union—focusing on the gig-economy workforce and other vulnerable workers—and fight for workers’ rights and ownership of labor with a commitment to continued diversity goals.

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