Housing & Homelessness

One of the greatest expenses our residents face is housing. From homeless and extremely low-income New Yorkers to the middle class increasingly feeling squeezed out of the city, affordable housing that meets the needs of all our residents seems unattainable. This is a crisis that drives gentrification– displacing  Black, Latino and Asian New Yorkers and undermines our creative economy: the artists, musicians, actors and writers who make our lives richer and our economy more vibrant.

Housing is a human right.

We need rent subsidies to address the immediate eviction crisis facing our families and we must fight in Albany for universal rent protections and to preserve affordable rentals. Community planning and ownership must include community land trusts,  support for first-time home ownership, and protections for long-term homeowners who are also feeling the challenges of these economic times..  We need to look for opportunities to expand our affordable housing stock by converting tax liens, buying up properties left behind in the wake of COVID and stimulating more non-profit housing development.  With almost half a million people living in public housing– including many workers essential to NYC’s success- we need to prioritize the stabilization and restoration of this critical asset.

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