Informed by our Vision for New York, we will work to uphold these principles:


  • Fairness and equity are real, not rhetoric. We share the benefits and burdens of bringing our city back and making it better based on what we each have to contribute. We will focus on where our needs are greatest, including the needs of communities historically left out: people of color, women of all races, folks with disabilities, LGBTQ folks and residents in zip codes that for too long have been denied fair investment, access and attention.
  • Justice is a reality for all residents. Whether we have a big bank account or none at all; whether we live in public housing or luxury housing, it must be easier to get a job than a gun. We must have a justice system that ensures that every New Yorker is treated with fairness, dignity and transparency, that we put the public back in public safety.
  • There is no economic or racial justice without climate justice. Climate change is an existential crisis for this city and it exacerbates the racial and economic inequities New Yorkers endure. We cannot live whole and healthy lives if our environment is imperiled and our treatment of it unsustainable. We must protect our lived environment addressing resilience and climate justice head-on for our communities today and our grandchildren tomorrow.  


Maya Wiley for Mayor
  • Nothing about us without us. We will make policy by listening, learning and partnering with residents across the five boroughs. We believe in participatory processes to ensure input from those most impacted whenever possible. The resounding outcry for transformational change is borne of outrage and hope. It is time to leverage that energy, that commitment to justice, that deep love for our neighbors and for our city and make good on the promise of democracy. 
  • Partnership is key. To beat a shared path to building whole and healthy communities and a fair and robust economy that supports all our residents, City government must establish policies that are principled and people-centered. That requires  strong partnerships wherever possible across government and with communities and the private sector, including non-profits. Real partnerships are forged from transparency, information-sharing, priority setting, hard discussions, and for all stakeholders to be heard and to have a seat at the table.   
  • Courage to transform systems that do not serve us with fairness, justice and equity.  With real input from people most impacted by public policy as well as experts, practitioners, artists, the business community and academics, we must be ready to take New York’s ability to dream and reinvent ourselves and be willing to replace what does not serve us with carefully and collaboratively researched and designed policies and programs.  


  • The Power of Government for the People: With 55 agencies, our City government touches almost every aspect of our lives – from picking up our trash, to promoting economic development, teaching our children and  so much more. We need to bring government agencies together to partner with each other, plan with and for the whole community, and leverage that know-how, those services, that spending into more collective strategies that produce healthy and whole communities.  Government needs to plan better and its operations and management must coordinate for smarter, more holistic and impactful implementation so that communities are safe, livable and vibrant. 
  • Impact and accountability matter: We all have different beliefs, opinions, and ideologies. We will measure our impact with data and by the accounts of lived experiences by talking to residents and community leaders. We will change what needs changing to achieve the impacts we seek. To earn people’s trust in government, government must be principled in its decision-making so that residents and all stakeholders not only weigh in, but understand what is decided and how the City is doing in implementing those decisions.
  • Management & Operations: Making good on this vision requires leadership that manages effectively, efficiently and delivers for our residents.  Building back trust in government relies on our ability to operationalize and materialize the values, principles and vision we express through change felt in the daily life of New Yorkers.