New York Daily News: NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley lands endorsement from progressive group

Maya Wiley scored an endorsement from progressive group Democracy for America.

The organization, founded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean but no longer linked with him, said Wiley is “fearlessly progressive, unbought, unbossed, and ready to make history the very moment she’s sworn in.”

Wiley, a former top legal adviser to Mayor de Blasio, shook up the packed race when she officially launched her campaign last month.

“A nationally recognized leader in the fight for racial justice and equity, Maya Wiley understands that building-back after the pandemic requires a New York City Mayor who’ll be ready to take on the status quo, confront systemic inequities, and put forward solutions that ensure that every single New Yorker can thrive,” Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson said in a Tuesday statement.

Nodding to the prospect of Wiley, who is Black, becoming the first woman mayor of the Big Apple, Simpson added: “We know she’ll make history and make us proud as an unyielding champion for a more just, equitable, and prosperous city for everyone who calls New York home.”

“This campaign is about ensuring that the people have a voice in City Hall and I am looking forward to working with DFA and their members to ensure New York City is a place that works for us all,” Wiley stated.