New York Daily News: Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley wants $5G annual checks for NYC caregivers

The city would pay annual stipends to people who care for loved ones at the 100,000 “most high-needs” households in the city, under a new proposal from mayoral candidate Maya Wiley — who appeared to be taking a page from rival Andrew Yang’s playbook.

The “care income” of $5,000 per year would go to costs “including informal childcare providers who provide in-home, family-based childcare and family caregivers who provide care for very young, elderly and disabled family members,” under the plan Wiley was set to unveil Friday

The candidate, formerly a top legal aide to Mayor de Blasio, said she would take away $300 million in funding allocated for the NYPD and Department of Correction and tap $200 million in federal funding to cover the costs.

She noted about 15% of New Yorkers act as caregivers and “many … are women of color, or older adults.”

Wiley’s “Universal Community Care Plan” also envisions new centers that would serve as one-stop shops for health programs, job training, activities for kids, teens and seniors and more.

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